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An innovative, flexible financing solution to take advantage of the latest technological developments at lower cost

At Evernex Capital Solutions, we offer to buy back all or part of your IT equipment and lease it back to you over the appropriate term.

Although relatively unknown, lease-back is an attractive financing solution for company directors and their IT managers. It enables companies to free up cash quickly, to acquire new equipment, strengthen working capital affected by the crisis, or get out of debt.

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The advantages of lease-back :

Immediate cash flow and investment capacity

Greater ``leverage`` effect and better returns.


Reduce your balance sheet structure (Opex/Capex)

Rents are included in operating expenses, so your IT assets are no longer included in fixed assets.


Asset upgrades possible at any time to take advantage of the most suitable assets and servers

Controlling obsolescence, facilitating the evolution and deployment of IT assets and projects, managing integrated services thanks to our extensive knowledge of the IT industry.

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Possibility of including equipment maintenance outside the manufacturer's warranty in the rent

So you can upgrade your IT assets and avoid the life cycles decreed by the original manufacturers.


Removing recycling constraints and complying with D3E standards

Our service includes taking back and renewing obsolete equipment, and recycling it in accordance with WEEE standards.

Flexible, easy-to-access contracts

When we set up your lease-back operation, Evernex Capital Solutions establishes a flexible leasing agreement based on the duration you require. In concrete terms, our solution comprises 5 stages.

Audit your IT assets

Understand, plan and adapt your costs with our audits.

Asset buyback and evolutionary leasing

We buy back your obsolete or out-of-date equipment, enabling you to make a profit when it comes to renewing your assets.

Rent based on length of use

Adjust your equipment to your needs according to your conditions and timeframe.

Recovery and renewal of obsolete equipment

Renew your IT assets according to your needs and the condition of the equipment, and adjust your leasing contracts to suit your business.

Recycling according to WEEE standards

Evernex Capital Solutions will take back, recondition and recycle your unusable equipment through specialized channels, in compliance with WEEE standards.