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Finding the budget to finance your IT infrastructure can be a real obstacle course, not to mention the fact that the technologies and software you use will become obsolete within just a few years.

To help you balance new technologies with your bottom line, our experts can offer you financing solutions tailored to your needs, so you can acquire the equipment you need without impacting your cash flow.

Evernex Capital Solutions offers companies the opportunity to lease all types of IT assets: from storage and networks to computers, mobiles and tablets.

Evernex Capital offers a range of IT equipment and services financing solutions adapted to your needs.

Choose Evernex Capital for
to finance your IT infrastructure

IT expertise

Our team of technology experts
have the technical skills
to understand your business
your business challenges.


As a specialist in rental engineering and IT asset recycling, we give your equipment a second life, helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Upgradeable tools

We support the evolution
of your technological infrastructures
and the services you use
according to your needs.

Flexibility and stability

We offer flexible leasing contracts from 12 to 84 months, depending on your budget and objectives.

Safety and regulations

End-of-life equipment is recycled or reused in accordance with WEEE standards.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Our “Device as a Service” integrated service offering of fixed, tablet, mobile and server laptops is a complete solution with customizable drawers, enabling you to add a whole range of services to the original offering.
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Logistics | Equipment supply

- Unpacking, delivery, installation
- Mastering
- Fitting accessories
Recyclage et rachat avec des solutions de financement clef en main
Représentation graphique de l'attention client.

Digital Assistant

Track and manage your IT assets and contracts with the e-VIEW+ platform. In the event of an incident, you can also open a ticket.
Personne en train d'écrire dans un ordinateur. Maintenance, recyclage et rachat des outils informatiques
Représentation graphique du recyclage d'actives informatiques.

Service support | Maintenance

Service support and IT maintenance.
Evernex Capital Solutions, financement informatique des outils évolutifs informatiques
Représentation de matérielle informatique.

Storage | Spare parts

Spare parts stock available
Evernext ferme le cercle IT vertueux. Personne en train de faire une commande.
Représentation basique de serveurs informatiques.

End-of-life asset management

- Recovery logistics
- Audit
- Data formatting
- Take-back of old equipment for repair, reconditioning and reuse
- WEEE-compliant recycling
Evernext fait du recyclage d'actives informatiques, on donne une nouvelle vie aux plaques basées et autres résidus informatiques

Evernex Capital supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT assets

Thanks to our excellent technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of financial markets, we have developed a comprehensive asset management approach that takes into account technological innovations and the latest financial trends.

- Cost management
- Budgeting and cost allocation
- Technology asset management
- Environmental impact
- Damage coverage
- Technology watch


- Renewal alert
- Renewal potential
- Guaranteed trade-in value
- Take-back of old equipment for repair and reuse
- WEEE recycling


- Maintaining in operational condition

Our multi-constructor technical expertise

e-VIEW+, a centralized dashboard for managing your assets

Evernex Capital Solutions now offers its customers a new service for electronically archiving lease contracts, managing purchasing flows, paying suppliers and managing IT fleets, making it easier to make budget decisions and improve return on investment.
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