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The SpaaS offer: flexible, optimized and carbon-free technical leasing.

Give a second life to your IT assets.
Our refurbished asset financing solutions

Tecnicien d'IT en train de faire le point sûr les serveurs. Expertise financière et informatique, Evernext.
Our Spare as a Service (SPaaS™) service offers turnkey financing solutions on multi-vendor reconditioned equipment. This solution is an integral part of the circular economy and offers a technical-financial solution with no carbon impact.

Our reconditioned parts are certified and rigorously tested to give companies access to the latest generations of equipment.

With over 850,000 assets in stock around the world, we can help you cope with the vagaries of production faster, more sustainably and more cost-effectively, 24/7.

While our maintenance services guarantee the monitoring, repair or replacement of your machines for a comprehensive asset management approach that takes into account technological innovations and the latest financial trends.

Take advantage of the latest technological innovations at lower cost, thanks to our stock of over 850,000 multi-brand items.

Reduce hardware acquisition and disposal costs and use your investment funds for revenue-generating activities.

Create predictable management and cash flows.

Index payments over the useful life of the equipment and deduct them as operating expenses.

Index payments over the useful life of the equipment and deduct them as operating expenses.

Businessman working virtual modern computer to reduce CO2 emissions carbon footprint climate change to limit global warming.Sustainable development and innovation green business concept.
Managed storage maintenance service
Lifecycle management
Evernex Capital offers asset monitoring, management, maintenance, disposal and recycling services.
Network servers in data room Domestic Room .
Over 600 multi-vendor tape drives in stock
Evernex makes sure you have the hardware you need to keep your servers running smoothly.
Bearded IT Technician in Glasses with Laptop Computer and Black Male Engineer Colleague are Using Laptop in Data Center while Working Next to Server Racks. Running Diagnostics or Doing Maintenance Work
Parts lifecycle tracking and monitoring
Data Storage
Evernex offers reliable data storage to ensure your data is safe at all times.
insurance concept with icons on virtual screen
Expertise across all storage environments
Our multi-vendor expertise means we can handle any network configuration.
Ordinateur branché dans un serveur parametrizant l'activité pour vérifier s'il faut une réparation ou pas. Evernex capital solutions offre aussi le leasing ou location d'équipements informatiques.
165+ countries
Our inventory, deployed at over 330 sites, enables us to supply almost every model of workstation in the world.

Our multi-constructor technical expertise

e-VIEW+, a centralized dashboard for managing your assets

Evernex Capital Solutions now offers its customers a new service for electronically archiving lease contracts, managing purchasing flows, paying suppliers and managing IT fleets, making it easier to make budget decisions and improve return on investment.
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To date, we have financed over 600 million euros worth of equipment and technological solutions.


As pioneers of green IT, we've been helping you manage your assets since the 1980s.


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