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Innovative, turnkey financing solutions dedicated to the image and sound professions.
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The audiovisual sector is booming in today's digital age. New audio and video technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives.

Storytelling, brand content, corporate films, internal communications... Marketing video is a communications staple, and by far the most powerful multimedia content on the web.

As France's leading independent player in audiovisual financing, we have put in place scalable rental solutions tailored to all your projects, as well as assistance to help you stay at the cutting edge of the latest image and sound technologies. In fact, we finance the leading 3D, VR and VFW design software, as well as the best tools for using AI.

Evernex Capital offers solutions designed for and by image and sound professionals.

Audiovisual equipment financing, assistance, managed services and equipment renewal are all part of our service offering...

Benefit from customized agreements with competitive rates and flexible terms. Financing terms correspond to the life and/or depreciation of the equipment.

Turnkey financing solutions for audiovisual professionals


Financing professional studio equipment, laboratory solutions, lighting and sound equipment


Financing of filming, editing, mixing, dubbing, broadcasting and exhibition equipment.


Financing of 4K projectors, laser, satellite transmission, tools for 3D creation, VR, VFX and AI.


Video projectors, LED screens, dynamic strategy.

e-VIEW+, a centralized dashboard for managing your assets

Evernex Capital Solutions now offers its customers a new service for electronically archiving lease contracts, managing purchasing flows, paying suppliers and managing IT fleets, making it easier to make budget decisions and improve return on investment.
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To date, we have financed over 600 million euros worth of equipment and technological solutions.


As pioneers of green IT, we've been helping you manage your assets since the 1980s.


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