We intervene on your entire infrastructure
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Did you know that third-party maintenance can save you
up to 70% savings?

And the benefits aren't just economic! Because by extending the life of existing assets, you'll significantly reduce the amount of electronic waste and CO2 emissions associated with the disposal or manufacture of new IT equipment.

As the market leader in third-party maintenance, we support you in managing your IT assets with continuous, high-quality and cost-effective services.
Thanks to SPoC (or Single Point Of Contact), you'll have a single point of contact and avoid the problems associated with multiple vendors, media and contracts.

Représentation graphique d'une personne qui est en train de maintenir les produits informatiques rachetés ou recyclés. Financement informatique durable. Evernext capital.

Our multi-constructor technical expertise

Evernex Capital maintains your IT infrastructure

Parts lifecycle tracking and monitoring

Server maintenance

Thanks to our multi-vendor approach, you can rely on our expertise to manage your servers, regardless of the technology, manufacturer or OEM status of your assets.
Peace of mind for EOSL network equipment

Data storage

Data storage and security are crucial and often overlooked. And yet, the slightest flaw can result in the loss of essential information, or its disclosure. Our experts can manage your data locally or externally, to protect you from the dangers of loss or damage.
Simplified global multi-vendor support with Evernex as your Single Point of Contact (SPOC)


We service multi-brand networks at any stage of the OEM warranty, service life or supported life.
4-hour on-site guarantee

Extending asset lifecycles

Eliminate unnecessary hardware renewal and extend the life of your IT assets e 3 to 5 years. Align your OPEX expenses with business needs and delay new CAPEX expenses.

Choose Evernex Capital to finance your technology assets


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To date, we have financed over 600 million euros worth of equipment and technological solutions.


As pioneers of green IT, we've been helping you manage your assets since the 1980s.


The number of ECS subsidiaries in Europe and Morocco.
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