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Our environmental approach

We're committed to creating a sustainable and ethical digital future

We are committed to a sustainable digital world that benefits society and the environment.

Sustainable computing is our business, and we adhere to the values of sustainability, preservation and respect:
  • We put the well-being of people and the planet first.
  • We work together to find the best solutions.
  • We push our limits and reward innovation.
  • We assume our responsibilities and keep our promises.
  • We are transparent and respect everyone’s rights.
Concept d'économie circulaire. Globe en cristal avec une icône d'économie circulaire autour d'elle économie circulaire pour la croissance future de l'entreprise et la conception pour la réutilisation et les ressources matérielles renouvelables. Les équipes informatiques peuvent être renouvelées ou recyclées avec le financement d'Evernex Capital Solutions.
Vue aérienne d'un groupe d'hommes d'affaires multiethniques travaillant ensemble au bureau. Chez Evernex Capital Solutions on vous propose les meilleures solutions clefs en main pour le financement de vos équipes informatiques dans le temps. En prenant soin du recyclage des actifs informatiques.

We act for the well-being of your company and the planet.

At Evernex Capital we are committed to our customers and to the environment. Our model is designed around researching and delivering green solutions worldwide, so that our customers can cost-effectively and sustainably manage every aspect of their IT infrastructure.
From managing their IT assets to storing their data, we do everything we can to reduce the impact of technology on the planet.

No need to invest in devices that are costly both for your company and for the climate! We work with you to extend the lifespan of your servers, storage and network hardware, so that you can integrate sustainability and CSR into your IT maintenance policy, while ensuring the growth of your business.

We are a responsible corporate citizen.

At Evernex Capital Solutions, we believe that being a responsible corporate citizen goes beyond the service we provide to our customers and the work environment we foster:
  • Ethical business practices and purchasing policies.
  • Community development by sponsoring humanitarian initiatives and supporting employee participation in sports and community events.
  • Preserving the planet to leave the world better than we found it by committing ourselves unconditionally to socially responsible practices to improve the world today for future generations.

Compliance with WEEE standards

Mandatory for all professional IT recycling companies in Europe, the WEEE Directive guarantees responsible collection and processing of equipment.

Removing or renovating equipment

Environmental regulations

We have signed the United Nations pact

Traceability and certificates of disposal

Evernex Capital Solutions' concrete actions

We comply with the ISO 14001:2015 standard, which certifies that a company is committed to significantly reducing the impact of its activities on the environment. This standard sets out a framework that a company or organization can follow to implement an effective environmental management system.
Une main en tenant la planète. Représentation du fait que le recyclage et rachat des produits informatiques aident la planète. Le recyclage d'actives informatiques aide aux planètes et au même temps aide à nous connecter tous.

Our commitment to the environment

The economy depends on the proper management of natural resources. And as the data industry grows, so does its impact. We are aware of the impact of IT on the environment, but we are convinced that technology, economy and ecology can be reconciled. Indeed, the reconditioning and recycling of e-waste is at the heart of our financing solutions.

  • Achieving energy efficiency

    By extending the life of IT equipment and reducing our customers’ carbon footprint.

  • Maximizing asset lifespan

    By repairing, reusing and recycling to counteract the refresh cycles defined by manufacturers.

  • Contributing to sustainability

    By maintaining our ISO 14001 certification, recycling WEEE, rigorously managing waste and optimizing energy on site.

  • Providing cost-effective financing services

    In line with industry best practice, so our customers don’t have to think twice about taking care of the environment.

We are committed to the individual

As a global company with a team of 53 nationalities speaking 25 different languages, we believe that multiculturalism is a strength. To maintain this corporate culture, we regularly measure our progress and make continuous improvements to our processes.
And it works! The proof? Our last company survey in 2017 revealed that 97% of our employees worldwide are proud to be part of the Evernex family.

  • Uniting multicultural teams

    Our ethics charter, signed by all our employees, was drawn up to highlight our values of respect and inclusion within Evernex, particularly at management level.

  • Encouraging initiative and commitment

    by continuously improving our working environment and methods.

  • Attracting and developing talent

    Through training, employee mobility between our different sites and the development of each employee’s skills as part of a continuous improvement process.

  • Respecting human rights worldwide

    Through a rigorous security policy, open and constructive dialogue, and equal opportunities.

Partnerships for better understanding and action

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