Free up funds to develop your technological infrastructure.

An innovative, flexible financing solution to take advantage of the latest technological advances at lower cost.

At Evernex Capital Solutions, we offer to buy back all or part of your IT equipment and lease it back to you over the appropriate term.

Relativement méconnu, le lease-back constitue une solution de financement intéressante pour les dirigeants d’entreprise, les directeurs financiers ou les DSI. Il permet ainsi à l’entreprise de dégager rapidement de la trésorerie, pour acquérir de nouveaux équipements ou renforcer son fonds de roulement.

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Découvrez les avantages du lease-back

Immediate cash flow and investment capacity

Greater ``leverage`` effect and better return on cash.

Reduce your balance sheet structure (Opex/Capex)

Rentals appear as operating expenses, taking your IT assets out of fixed assets. Large companies are faced with a balance sheet rebalancing or Opex/Capex arbitrage for the fiscal year-end, in order to be in phase with the current year's budget and that of the following year.

Support for the entire lifecycle of your IT assets

From acquisition and consulting to maintenance and recycling, we meet your IT needs with complete financial and organizational flexibility.

Removing recycling constraints and complying with WEEE standards

Our service includes taking back and renewing obsolete equipment, and recycling it in accordance with WEEE standards.

Flexible, easy-to-access contracts

When setting up your lease-back operation,
Evernex Capital Solutions establishes progressive leasing conditions based on the duration that suits you best.

In concrete terms, our solution comprises 5 stages.

1. Audit your technology assets

Understand, plan
and adapt your costs
with our audits.

2. Asset buy-back and leasing

ECS buys back your equipment for its net book value or purchase price, depending on its age.

3. Rent based on length of use

Adjust your equipment
to your needs, according to your conditions
and time of use.

4. Recovery and renewal of obsolete equipment

Renew your IT assets according to your needs and the condition of your equipment, and adjust your leasing contracts to suit your business.

5. Recycling according to WEEE standards

We take back, recondition and recycle your unusable equipment through specialized channels and in compliance with WEEE standards.

Discover the benefits of lease-back

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